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How to convert CD to MP3?

Edit audio tags in a click with One-click Tag Editor

How to convert FLAC to MP3?

Convert audio to MP3

Easy to use OGG-MP3 music converter

One-click Audio Converter

One-click Audio Converter

Convert music files of almost any audio format into WAV, MP3, WMA, APE, OGG, FLAC audio files. One-click Audio Converter integrates into Windows right-click menu and becomes a part of it, so you can convert your music simply right-clicking on music files and folders! Without launching any application, without bulk interface, convert in one click! You can convert selected music files or entire folders, Audio Converter will automatically find and convert all music in the folders and even on entire drive. Choose one of quality presets to get Low, Normal or High quality music files or use custom set to tune the quality on your own. One-click Audio Converter can convert and then sort converted music into folders by their artist and album tags. It can also shutdown your computer when conversion is done, good for those who convert gigs of music at once! One-click Audio Converter supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, APE, FLAC audio and completely preserves tags of the converted files.

Looking for instant and no-frills audio converter? Bulk music converters annoy you? Try One-click Audio Converter to get really one-click solution for your music conversion needs. It's quick and simple, it just do what's expected and doesn't make you confused by complicated settings. Click once and it converts your music producing the audio files you want. Try it for free!



- Converts music of various formats among each other in both directions
- Converts WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC music files into selected audio format
- Batch conversion of music files, music folders and entire drives
- Converts in one click, works directly from Windows right-click menu
- Completely saves tags during conversion
- Allows re-conversion to reduce bitrate and size of music files
- Easy to use quick settings for beginners and custom settings for advanceds
- Automatically sorts converted music in Artist/Album folders
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Quick and no-frills

Convert music in the easiest way with One-click Audio Converter. To start conversion simply right-click any music files and folders and pick "Convert audio files" menu item. If you can't figure out how to select proper quality for converted music pick one of our quick presets. No need to launch some bulk conversion programs, just right-click files on your desktop, on disk or anywhere on your PC to get music converted to your favorite format.

Convert any music

You don't need to know what kind of music format are the songs on your computer. If you want simply convert all this music into MP3 or WMA you just right-clicking it all and One-click Audio Converter turns it to the selected audio format. It supports WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC files conversion, and will support even more in the future versions! You can also try a one-way APE MP3 converter, a reduced version of Audio Converter.

Convert single files, entire folders or even all music on the drive in one click

Right-click music files or entire folders to let One-click Audio Converter find all audio files inside the folders and convert them. It's no problem if your music is stored in the same folder with other files, Converter will find and filter all supported audio files in the selected folders automatically! You can also right-click the entire drive to find and convert all music on it.

Easy settings

Use our quick settings to save time! Choose 'Low', 'Normal' or 'High' quality set to get the quality and filesize you want. You can also set bit-rate manually choosing 'Custom'.

Bitrate reducing feature

If you need to reduce bit-rate and filesize use reconversion feature. It converts music to the same format but you can choose lower bit-rate and switch between variable bit-rate (VBR) and constant bit-rate (CBR) settings for converted audio.

Sort converted music

Enable sorting option in a single click to let Converter place converted music files to the folders according to their artist name and album title tags. It will automatically create folders named like artists and albums and convert files there accordingly. You may select one (artist or album) or both options (artist folder and album sub-folders). This option helps you better organize converted music on your computer.

Automatic shutdown feature

Have to leave or want to sleep but wait while conversion finished to power off computer? Enable "Shutdown computer when done" option and feel free to go or sleep even if you convert gigabytes of music. When audio conversion is done computer will be automatically shut down. This is "one-time" option and it will be automatically turned off so you won't get unwanted shutdown next time you use Audio Converter.

Open destination folder when done

Looking for the folder with converted music when conversion is done? If you wish to work with converted files right after conversion is done enable "Open destination folder" option and it will automatically open the folder with converted audio right after conversion.

More about Audio Converter at

FLAC to MP3 converters at and

Download OGG to MP3 converter

Handy APE converter will help you turn APE audio to your preferred format.

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--- Convert to Ringtone Wizard

Convert to Ringtone Wizard

Convert your music files to MP3, WAV, MMF, AMR and QCP ringtones and send converted audio to your handset. Convert to Ringtone Wizard allows you convert WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE and FLAC audio files. You can convert entire songs or select some music fragment you prefer. It also helps you to choose a proper ringtone format for your phone model. Convert to Ringtone Wizard can save converted ringtones to your computer or transfer converted audio to a cell phone over the Internet. This music converter is very easy in use with it's step by step interface and it can convert almost any music files to ringtones. It also make created ringtones sound loudly using volume normalization. It can create polytones for the most phone models available, it supports MP3, MMF, AMR, WAV, QCP formats that fit over 90% handset models.

Want more ringtones? Create your own ringtones using music on your computer with Convert to Ringtone Wizard. Easily convert any music into polyphonic tones and get them on your phone in a few simple steps. Convert MP3 to MP3 ringtones, MP3 to WAV, MP3 to MMF, MP3 to AMR, WAV to MP3, WAV to AMR, WAV to MMF, WMA to MP3, WMA to WAV, WMA to AMR, WMA to MMF, and also convert OGG, APE, FLAC to MP3, WAV, MMF, AMR ringtones.



- Converts music to polyphonic ringtones of almost any supported format
- Converts WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC music files
- Turn music into MP3, WAV, MMF, AMR, QCP ringtones
- You can choose one of quality presets for converted ringtones
- You can convert entire audio file or any part you like.
- Automatic ringtone formats selection for your phone model
- Send converted music to phone via the Internet
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Simple interface

Looking for something simple? Wizard-style step by step music converter is exactly what you need! It gives you detailed instructions on each step. Choose music files you want to convert to ringtones. Select which songs should be converted in whole, which should be split into music fragments. Then select your phone model and it will help you to choose proper ringtone type for your handset. Then select what should be done with converted music? It can be either saved to computer or sent to the phone via the Internet.

Convert entire music files or music fragments

By default Convert to Ringtone Wizard converts whole music files, but you can force it to convert some part you selected. You just mark start/end points to select a music fragment you prefer and it will cut and convert selection.

Batch conversion

Convert as many music as you like, there is no limitation for the number of audio files converted at once. Simply drag and drop your music into the Wizard's window to convert.

Quick quality presets

Choose 'Normal' or 'High' quality presets to get ringtones of appropriate quality and size. Note that better quality music occupies more memory in your phone.

Convert ringtones for your phone model

It's ok if you don't know the ringtone type supported by your phone. Just select your handset model in the list and Convert to Ringtone Wizard helps you to choose proper ringtone format. It converts music to MP3, AMR, MMF, WAV, QCP ringtone files that are the most popular formats, supported by most phone models.

Save to computer and send to handset

You can choose one or both options to place converted music to the folder on your computer and/or send it to your handset over the Internet.

How to convert ringtones? Learn more at

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--- One-click Ringtone Converter

One-click Ringtone Converter

Any music you want now can be converted and sent to your cell phone as easy as one mouse click. One-click Ringtone Converter is a software tool that converts music files of all popular audio formats to polyphonic ringtones for your cell phone. You can convert any music to compact-sized WAV, MP3, MMF, AMR and QCP ringtones with this no-frills music conversion program. All you need to do is to select audio files or even music folders and simply right-click to convert them to polyphonic ringtones. You can select entire audio file or any part you like to convert. For multiple files selection you can set how many seconds of original audio you want to convert. Converter's interface is very easy, it's almost automatic without plenty of buttons and menus. One-click Ringtone Converter uses quality settings that best fit mobile phones to make ringtones compact and good-sounding. Whether you convert a single audio file or create your own ringtones collection it never been so easy. One-click Ringtone Converter supports WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE and FLAC files and can convert a single music file, selected audio fragment, group of songs or entire music folders with just one simple click.

Want to turn your favorite music into high-quality ringtones? Try One-click Ringtone Converter to create your own ringtones in the easiest way. It can convert MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC and APE music from your computer to compact ringtone files for Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Audiovox, Sony-ericsson, and other phones.



- Convert audio to ringtones
- Convert music from your computer, including MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, FLAC files
- Create AMR, MP3, MMF, WAV, QCP ringtones
- Convert whole music files, convert music folders or selected audio fragments.
- Helps to choose ringtone format that best fit your phone model
- Upload converted audio files to your phone without cables
Download One-click Ringtone Converter Purchase One-click Ringtone Converter Ringtone Converter

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One-click conversion

Like other one-click series products One-click Ringtone Converter can convert your music to ringtones in one simple click. Simply choose the audio files and folders and right-click them to convert. You can right-click them anywhere on your computer, even on Desktop! No need to run any app, just click and get!

Convert whole songs, folders or music fragments

You can convert the entire music files and even music folders simply clicking on them. One-click Ringtone Converter will find all music files in the selected folders and convert them. You can also choose music fragment to convert or cut a fragment of some length for a group of files(i.e. first 10 seconds).

Fit almost all cell phones

One-click Ringtone Converter can convert music for almost all phone models, including Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony-ericsson, Toshiba, Siemens, Philips, Audiovox and many other.

Choose the right ringtone for your phone

If you don't know what music formats are supported by your phone use choice assistance system. Pick your phone model and it will help you to choose proper ringtone type.

Convert ringtones for your phone model

It's ok if you don't know the ringtone type supported by your phone. Just select your handset model in the list and Convert to Ringtone Wizard helps you to choose proper ringtone format. It converts music to MP3, AMR, MMF, WAV ringtone files that are the most popular formats, supported by most phone models.

Send converted music

You can choose one or both options to place converted music to the folder on your computer and/or send it to your handset over the Internet.

More Ringtone Converters at

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--- CD Extraction Wizard

CD Extraction Wizard

Convert audio CDs to your favorite music format and listen them from your hard drive or portable MP3 player with CD Extraction Wizard. Its step-by-step interface is so easy that you can convert CD to MP3 even if you're not experienced in music conversion. CD Extraction Wizard can convert audio from CD to WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG music files. You may choose one of three quality presets or set bitrate manually. Program automatically loads CD titles from the Internet and rename extracted tracks according to them. CD Extraction Wizard produces high-quality music converted from CD and properly titled with artist, album and other tags. This music converter is very simple and no-frills, but it does what's declared - convert your audio CD into music files on a hard drive.

If you love easy and friendly software, CD Extraction Wizard is your choice! It tells you what to do on each step giving detailed instructions and produces excellent music without noise and 'clicks'. Try it for free clicking here.



- Converts music from CD into various audio files
- Converts to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG music files adding tag information
- Convert all music on CD or just selected audio tracks
- Three easy quality presets and custom quality for experienced users
- Downloads tag info and properly renames converted music files according to their tags
- Very friendly step-by-step interface
Download CD Extraction Wizard Purchase CD Extraction Wizard ---

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Convert in a few steps

Convert your music CDs into MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG audio files in few simple steps. Choose entire CD or some songs you like. Choose the music files you want to get and desired quality for converted music. Select where to place converted music. CD Extraction Wizard gives you detailed explanations of each step so it's very easy to go through!

Convert CD at once or select songs

You can select all music on CD to convert or check only the songs you want. Click the 'CDDB' button to load real titles for each song instead of "Track 01" ... "Track 05".

Convert CD music into favorite format

With CD Extraction Wizard you can convert music from CD into MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG audio files.

Easy to choose quality sets

Pick one of quality presets to get music of Low, Normal or High quality. Low quality preset produces small music files, good for MP3 players and cell phones. High quality instead provides the close to maximum quality but it leads to very big files. Use high quality to listen music on a Hi-Fi stereos. Normal set is gold mean of both. It's good-balanced between quality and filesize. Recommended in most cases. You can also choose custom setting and set the quality manually.

Titled and tagged music

Get your converted music properly titled and tagged with CD Extraction Wizard. It loads titles and other information like artist, album, genre and year for each song via the Internet. Then it adds this data into the converted file's tags and rename them accordingly. By default it gives names by "Artist - Title.mp3" scheme, but you can change it as you like.

Discover more about ripping audio CD at

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What's new?

Aug 15, 2012

New converter of One-click series has been released. AMR to MP3 audio converter is designed for quick conversion between AMR and MP3 formats. It's a great tool for batch music conversion and optimized for use with multi-core CPU computers. Try our new AMR converter at

Dec 24, 2008

Download newly released
One-click DVD Ripper and try it for free! This program allows you rip any DVD movies, even protected DVDs to your hard drive via a simple right-click without interrupting your work in Windows Explorer. Create AVI video files from any DVDs you have. A part of "one-click" series this DVD ripper is a must-have software on your PC.

Download it now free of charge or visit for details!

Dec 12, 2008

One-click Ringtone Converter 2.5 is out. This release makes improvements and fixes of ringtone delivery service. It is strongly recommended to download it for everyone who use previous versions of One-click Ringtone Converter. Download now!

Nov 19, 2008

Check out our new website on copying DVD movies. Download free trial of the program that copy movies via right-click. Visit and discover more!

Nov 11, 2008

One-click Ringtone Converter has been upgraded. Version 2.4 features regular update of phonebase which now includes more than 100 new models. Download new version

Nov 10, 2008

Convert to Ringtone Wizard 1.17 is out. Added support of newly released cell phones. Click to download.

Sep 17, 2008

One-click Ringtone Converter is now version 2.3, we've added some newer phone models. Click to download

Sep 16, 2008

We've updated Convert to Ringtone Wizard to v1.16. This minor update adds support of recently released phone models. Click here to download.

Jun 02, 2008

Convert to Ringtone Wizard has been released. Version 1.14 features over 300 new phone models added. Click here to download new version.

Apr 5, 2008

One-click Ringtone Converter has been updated to version 2.0. This major update adds plenty of new features and improvements to the program. Added an ability to convert CD tracks to ringtones. Now you may tune quality settings of created ringtones and limit ringtone file size if your phone or carrier can't take large ringtones. Tag information is now added into created ringtones. Added additional send options, now your ringtones may be delivered via WAP, SMS and MMS (for some US carriers only). Added more than 300 new phones to the database. Added compatibility with Windows Vista and 64-bit Windows. New design. And lot of minor improvements and updates. Strictly recommended to download it right now

Dec 19, 2007

Convert to Ringtone Wizard updated to v.1.13. We've added over 150 new phone models to our database. To download new version click here

Aug 20, 2007

Convert to Ringtone Wizard is now v.1.11. This common update includes more than 200 new phones added into phonebase. Download new version from here

May 23, 2007

One-click Ringtone Converter 1.9 released. Added new phone models to the list. Download version 1.9 from here

May 22, 2007

Convert to Ringtone Wizard version 1.9 released. In this minor update we added numerous new phone models to the phone list. Click here to get new version.

April 12, 2007

One-click Ringtone Converter 1.7 released. Added QCP ringtones creation and volume normalization option that makes ringtones sound louder. List of phone models updated. Interface updated. Download new version from here

April 10, 2007

Convert to Ringtone Wizard is now version 1.7. Added QCP ringtones support, volume normalization to produce louder ringtones, plenty of new phone models in the phone list. Also added additional delivery options to send ringtones via MMS and WAP with SMS notification. Click here to download new version!

March 12, 2007

One-click Audio Converter 3.13 is out. FLAC codec updated to provide better compression rate and faster encoding speed. Download new version clicking here

December 16, 2006

One-click Ringtone Converter 1.6 has been released. MP3 and FLAC codecs updated. You can download new version clicking here

December 16, 2006

Convert to Ringtone Wizard is now version 1.5. New release includes updated MP3 and FLAC codecs. You can download new version clicking here

December 12, 2006

One-click Audio Converter 3.12 is out. This minor update includes improved FLAC and MP3 codecs. You can download new version right now.

June 10, 2006

Convert To Ringtone Wizard 1.4 has been released. This version features AMR ringtones creation for Nokia phones. Click here to download it right now.

April 10, 2006

Convert To Ringtone Wizard is now version 1.3. In this release we have fixed "high quality wave" preset and made some minor changes in order to make ringtone conversion even easier. Click here to download new version.

March 27, 2006

Updated Convert To Ringtone Wizard to version 1.2. This update includes fixes for MMF ringtones creation and some interface tweaks. Click here to download.

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